{ newborn baby photography } baby sloane!

tracy connery newborn photography Sloane Osborne-Paradisbabysloane_08



I had THE best time just before the holidays with the family Osborne-Paradis!

Lana had me split the session in two: the first as close to new as we could get, which meant new dad, Manny, wouldn’t be able to be there and would receive this batch of newborn photographs as a bit of surprise – SURPRISE! – and; the second, as a family, with Sloane just a smidge older and oh-so-happy having both mum & dad there to dote on her.

What a lovely variation Sloane provided us!  She didn’t sleep much and I was SO very pleased that we were able to maximize the time she did doze and get some wonderful sleepy baby shots.  But, her awake baby are just as adorable – all big blue eyes!!

It was such a pleasure working with this excited new family.  Little Sloane is blessed with two incredibly wonderful and over-the-moon-in-love parents… not to mention the miles of travel she’ll likely start to log even as a wee tot.

Congratulations, Osborne-Paradis family!  What a darling little bundle you’ve welcomed!




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