{ family portrait photography } invermere, bc: team nickurak!


This was so much fun! We had such a great afternoon for this family portrait photography session near Invermere:   gorgeous late afternoon light, funky vintage shack and a terrific family!

I’m gonna say it… kids of a certain age are so goofy!  All teeth and elbows and no ability to forget the camera and just be- uninhibited and spontaneous- as they did when they were little.  The days of the wonderful candids are really over by about age eight or nine. I speak from experience, having three goofy goofs myself!  What is cool, though, when shooting these blossoming young people, is how, even when they’re being quirky, rambunctious and totally hamming… much to their chagrin, and despite their best efforts, we still get great shots!

So there, Mr. Matthew!

I had a lovely time, Nickuraks-  a total pleasure and so very pleased with the pictures we all made together!

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